Monday, February 6, 2012

Most Profitable Hollywood Stories

Today's post presents the work our team produced for the Information is BeautifulVisualization Challenge.

Our team is comprised of 5 people coming from France (Ludivine), Romania (Teodora), Mexico (Patricia), Algeria (Yacine) and Colombia (Mario); all working together in Paris. 
We are passionate about new technologies and as part of our job; we provide innovative data management and visualization solutions to help customers make better decisions.

We jumped at the opportunity to apply our skills and creativity to this challenge. 
It was fun to use the tools we know so well to produce an interactive standalone visualization that we hope will invite the viewer to discover interesting -sometimes unexpected- facts about their favorite movies.

We enriched the original data-set with Oscar awards data coming from the oscars resources database site. We decided to exclude all movies not having complete financial information or absent from the original data-set. Unfortunately, we did not find any resource database with information about BAFTA awards. 

Data was modeled in snowflake schema on a MSAccess database. Reports, as well as interactive visualizations are created via Microstrategy BI tools.

Our visualization is composed of 3 layouts: 


This layout focuses on movies that won or were nominated to Oscars prizes from 2007 to 2010.
In the Full List View we chose a simple approach, Data-Cloud widget pop’s up to you the most successful motion picture in terms of Oscar film recognition.
It’s quite easy to see that Slumdog Millionaire was the most awarded movie in our panel.

The Interactive view instead introduces dynamics and insight. The metrics are ventilated by Award Category, by Gender, or by Studio.

All the interesting facts about the movies are presented in the clap board.


Profitability allows you to analyze movies financial aspects using a Heat Map widget. This data-viz presents by default WW gross revenue (surface) and profitability (color) information for each movie.  You can play around with the interactive panel, delete and search or set your own thresholds depending on which metric interests you most.
Easy to see that the most important blockbuster in WW gross revenue is Avatar but take a look at Paranormal Activity I profitability gap against all others. Just incredible!


Audience layout presents a scatter plot with information about studios’ audience and profitability. This first figure sets Warner Bros as the most successful studio on average movie profitability and public audience.  You can drill down to movies to have some insight over those that most contributed to this success.
Moreover, you can play around with the interactive controls to choose metrics for axis. Finally, you can build out of this scatter plot a bubble graph giving you a third type of information with the bubble radius size.

This interactive visualization is designed to fit 1280x800 or 1024x768 screen resolutions. Flash visualizations are embedded in a PDF container that can be downloaded locally and run with no need to connect to the internet.

Here you have a short video presenting the different features and layouts contained in our interactive app.

Once you have taken a look at the video, you can download the app from these links:

The app is 4Mo so please be patient.  I would suggest saving a copy locally and then executing it in full screen mode (Ctrl + L) to benefit of your whole screen resolution.
Adobe Flash player 10.2  and reader 8.x or newer required.

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